Opening hours & Admission Fees

Opening Hours

Opening Hours

April 1 to October 31

8:45 a.m. to 5 p.m.

November 1 to March 31

8:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

* Ticket window is closed 30 minutes before closing time.

Closed days Year-end and New Year holidays
(December 29 - January 3)

* Other reasons for temporary closure include facility inspections and stormy weather.

Admission Fees

(Up to 29 people)
440 yen
(30 people or more)
390 yen
High school students and younger


*We may ask you to show student ID.

*If you wish to visit for a school event, please check “Various Booking Forms.”

Those with relevant certificates


*Eligible certificates:
Please present a welfare recipient certificate, physical disability certificate, mental disability health and welfare certificate, rehabilitation certificate, specific disease medical treatment recipient certificate, war wound certificate or atomic bomb victim certificate.

*If you wish to enter the various facilities as a group, please check “Various Booking Forms.”

Requests from
Takayama Jinya

Please bring your own shoe bags (please)

We ask for your cooperation in promoting the SDGs and protecting cultural properties.

  • Please bring a shoe bag (plastic bag or your own bag) to promote SDGs and protect cultural assets. Additionally, we will provide recycled shoe bags (plastic bags) to those who did not bring their own.
  • Shoes are strictly prohibited inside the Takayama Jinya building. Please take off your shoes at the Makushita entrance and put them in the shoe bag you brought with you (plastic bag, personal bag, etc.) or the shoe bag we gave you before entering and visiting.
  • We have set up a used shoe bag collection box at the exit, but we ask that you please take home as much as possible.
  • We do not rent out slippers during the winter. There is no heating facility, so if you are concerned about the cold, please bring thick socks or indoor shoes.

Visitors Using Wheelchairs

Takayama Jinya is a building from the Edo period (1603 to 1868). Therefore there are some places where we have not been able to facilitate accessibility for the disabled.

If you use a wheelchair, please understand that we will provide the following support:

  1. Most of the building is tatami-matted. Accordingly, we ask that you switch to a dedicated wheelchair for the building. (However, we ask that you either climb up the four stairs to the entranceway by yourself or with the assistance of your helper.)
  2. We will set up slopes for those who have difficulty climbing stairs. (It will take a little time to set up these slopes.) Please cooperate in getting those accompanying you to wipe the tires of your wheelchair. If you will use the slopes, we will ask for the assistance of those accompanying you.

Multipurpose Restroom

There is only one multipurpose restroom that can be used in a wheelchair. Please understand that this is unisex.

There is also a multipurpose restroom in Takayama Jinya Square.


Takayama Jinya is a building from the Edo period (1603 to 1868). Therefore, please understand that we will refuse admission to those with pets except for service dogs (guide dogs, assistance dogs and hearing dogs). If you wish to enter without your pet, please put your pet in the place designated by the staff and cooperate with us when entering.

Photography and Media Coverage

You will need to make a booking in advance for photography and media coverage (e.g., magazines and television). Please check “Various Booking Forms.”